The Butcher & Grocer

New Hours Begin on June 1, 2021!!

Thank you,
Tony Tanner, Owner

We are so incredibly proud of the work our farmers do to provide us with the best beef, lamb, pork & chicken that can be found in Central Ohio.

The Butcher & Grocer

Come on in and get to know our farmers, our customers, & us.

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About Us

Welcome back to a simpler time, when people knew their butcher by name. When stopping to pick up a Sunday roast or plump chops to throw on the grill was part of a family’s routine.

At The Butcher & Grocer, you’ll find the highest quality Ohio beef, lamb, pork, chicken, cheese, and select grocery items. Our meat products are 100% pastured and are antibiotic and growth hormone-free. We were motivated to open our shop because of the growing community of people like us who are mindful eaters and caretakers of this planet and who demand natural good food.

Our Story

Tony Tanner, Owner

Tony is a husband, father, and conservationist gamesman who loves local, sustainable food almost as ferociously as he loves his family. When his friend Rob “Earl” Young lost his battle with cancer, Tony was fascinated by the link between this devastating disease and the foods we eat. He began a quest to find local, sustainable, antibiotic-free, growth hormone-free, farm-raised meat. He didn’t find much. Not one to accept the status quo, he decided to open his own butcher shop.

The Team

  • Dustin Butler, President – TB&G Meats
  • Karen Young, Front of House & #knowurkaren Sandwich Maker
  • Nathan Killen, #sausagescientist
  • Justin Schuman, President, The Butcher & Grocer
  • Rocky DeSantis, Butcher
  • Chuck Warrick, Butcher
  • Betsy Oberle, Front of House & Wine Expert
  • Kate Donlon, Sausage Team, Butcher Apprentice & Front of House
  • Renee Addy, Sausage Team

Our Difference

It all begins in the green pastures of Ohio with our farmers tending their herds & flocks. When the time is right, the farms we source from provide the utmost attention to humane slaughter at local, family-owned facilities.

Beef, lamb, & pork never come to us frozen or in any type of box or bag. We deal only in whole animal butchery. Beef is grass-fed on pasture & also provided with a non-GMO feed. Our pork & lamb is raised on pastures as nature intended. Chicken is rotated on pasture every 12 hours.

Our cheese selection & grocery items are Ohio-centric or from companies that share our values & our bacon * sausage are house-made.

Our People Find Us on the Menu

We are fortunate to have wonderful farming partners. Use the first button above to learn more about them. Of course, without our customers, none of this would be possible. Use the second button above to see where you can find restaurants who have our meat on the menu. We hope you will support our restaurant partners when you are dining out.