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    Holiday Turkey

    $52.00 deposit
    1. There is a $50.00 Turkey deposit, plus a $2.00 processing fee which is non-refundable. They are paid, together, on this website.
    2. Your turkey will be frozen on pick-up day.
    3. Turkeys are 19-23 pounds each and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    4. Turkey price is $6.50/lb and is due at pickup.
    5. Don’t forget your B&G Turkey Brine Kit!
    6. Your turkey is not reserved until your $52.00 deposit ($50 + $2 processing fee) is received via this website.
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    Turkey Brine Kit

    $10.00 each

    All the spices you will need to get your turkey brined and ready to go for the holidays!